Porttracker is useful for everybody working with networks today

Network planners

Verify that your network planning actually conforms with your network or verify that the third party contractor you hired to build your network complies with his contractual obligations. Gain better data for a more precise capacity planning, or find out what that new company you just acquired is really running on their network. Never again will you run into that network outage because somebody forgot to hook up the second link of you high availability solution!

Network Administrators

Quickly find out where you can attach new devices, where you're running out of resources, or where this cable that disappears into the wall in front of you actually leads to a reduction in port wastage.

Network Security

Police your network and find unwanted devices quickly like private hotspots, personal systems, or hidden filesharing sites. Disable ports that don't have any working devices on them so they can't be used for illegal activities. Be able to do a forensic analysis on the basis of historic network data!


Quickly find problems with various search and filter settings. Drill down to the problem using our hyperlinked views! Verify changes with our on demand scans or use the integrated support toolkit to get the information you need...
In addition to these users, Porttracker can also be of great use to any program which needs to know about the network environment it runs in (e.g. IPAM, Accounting, Security, etc.).