porttracker will help you keep track of what is going on in your network

porttracker keeps track of switches, switch ports, and end devices in your network and displays information about each category in detailed table views, which can be filtered and summarized in myriads of ways and that can be exported for further processing into your spreadsheet application of choice. Never again will you have a problem telling what is where in your network, where a cable leads, how high your switch utilization is, or where there is a lack of switch capacity.


porttracker keeps historical information on your network:
Where was an end device seen last? Which configuration did a switch have three weeks ago? Do you maybe need to document what happened inside your network for stockholders or the authorities?
porttracker is your tool for the job.


porttracker will show you graphs of how your network is set up, so you can visualize problems more easily and check compliance to the planned architecture.


porttracker will find end devices and switches on your network that should not be there (rogue access points, private hardware, etc.). They don't even need an IP address – if they communicate at all, porttracker will find them.


porttracker supports configurations with multiple appliances that concentrate data in a single database. Querying work can be distributed to where your devices are located to decrease latency and minimize traffic.

Ease of use

porttracker can be accessed via a web GUI from any place in your network. Use it with your standard web browser, answering a support call at your desk or with your mobile, while standing in the cramped space in front of a distribution switch cabinet far away from your office. Save the searches that proved to be the most useful and schedule them for automatic execution so you can stay on top of your work.

Data sharing

Do you need network data for other systems, like accounting or maybe your DDI application? No problem with porttracker! The porttracker API gives you remote access to porttrackers data, and allows you to feed data to porttracker! porttracker can also support individual products via its plugin architecture, seamlessly integrating them into its GUI and scheduling system (e.g. Alcatel Lucent VitalQIP).

Access management

porttracker supports various user and group rights that allow you to tightly control access to your sensitive network data. If desired, porttracker integrates seamlessly into your Active Directory or LDAP environment.

Low maintenance

porttracker comes as an appliance! There is no painful time consuming installation: unbox, put into the rack, configure basic settings on a console (IP adresses, etc.) and it's ready to go. The software itself comes with a helpful configuration wizard that will allow you to run your first poll mere minutes after you started. System updates come as single files that can be uploaded using the web GUI or console. Backups also use either the web GUI or console or can be easily scheduled for automatic transfer to a backup system.
Should there ever be a problem with the system, porttracker includes a data gathering subsystem which will create report bundles at the press of a button to give our support engineers exactly the information we require to help you.
Your organization prefers virtualization? That is also not a problem. porttracker can be delivered as a fully supported image for VMWare or kvm.